Clementsville Motorsports was established in 1998 and hosted a total of four races. Over the
past eight years, the organization has grown tremendously. During the 2006 season, the
organization averaged twelve mudraces with an average of seventy-one mudrace
participants. The organization also averaged fifteen truckpulls with an average of seventy
truckpull participants.

Clementsville Motorsports hosts truckpull and mudrace events across the state of Kentucky
at various annual fairs and different locations. The crew of Clementsville Motorsports will
provide guaranteed enjoyment for the customers, racers, fans, and the community. The goal
of the organization is to ensure everyone has a great experience while hosting a spectacular
event. The organization utilizes a point system and has 6', 5', 4' trophies and guaranteed
money payback per class per event.

Responsibilities of our organization are outlined on our truckpull and mudrace contracts.
Inquiries about Clementsville Motorsports hosting a truckpull or mudrace event can be
directed to the number listed below or via e-mail at Event
packages are availiable upon request and only on dates not yet taken. The organization is
quickly scheduling events, so don't wait. Also if anyone is interested in being added to our
mailing list, let us know by contacting us via e-mail.
                Additional information/questions:

Jay Jolly                     Cell (859) 707-2078
Keith Wolford             (606) 787-6272; Cell (606) 303-4624
Doug Wolford             (606) 787-5541

         Tech Officials Decisions are final at all events!